Julie Loeffler, owner and operator of Mid-Ohio IMB, is a Full Instructor under Richard "The Iron Dragon" Bustillo's IMB (International Martial Arts & Boxing) curriculum, which preserves and promotes the legacy of Bruce Lee and the Jeet Kune Do concepts through teaching the three basic ranges of attack.  Julie is also a Brown Belt under Cacoy  Canete, the last founding member of the famed Doce Pares Club, Cebu City, Philippines, and teaches his style of Eskrima for our weapons program.  Everyone is welcome at Mid-Ohio IMB.  Men, women, teens and kids are able to attend classes at Mid-Ohio IMB.  Visit the calendar page for dates and times.
Julie's Group, powered by Mid-Ohio IMB, is the additional training arm that both expands training into areas other areas, and also provides practical application of martial art techniques for personal defense through introductory seminars and community outreach.


There is no one definition of Jeet Kune Do.  Most define the concept as "having no way as way" or "the art of fighting without fighting".  While both are correct, they are not the only answers.  But if we are accurate in our understanding of Jeet Kune Do when trying to define it, each individual answer ends up meaning the same thing or having the same underlying concept.

At Mid-Ohio IMB, we define Jeet Kune Do this way:

"The discovery of self-expression in personal defense, stripping down traditional martial arts techniques into their simplest form of execution in the most efficient manner." 


Personal safety relies on the choices and decisions we make.  Having a plan in a place based on proper training fundamentals is essential for a safe and effective outcome. 

At Mid-Ohio IMB, we stress the practical application of martial arts by focusing on the concepts and principles of Jeet Kune Do, and couple it with the realistic armed training of Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima (Filipino weapons training).

When you enroll, you will be more confident and better equipped to handle difficult situations found in daily life.  By focusing on both the physical & intellectual aspects of personal security, you will enhance your ability to face the challenges of an increasingly dangerous world.